Recently i posted about 7 days to die (7dtd) which is a zombie game focuses on crafting and surviving against zombies.
It’s a mix of minecraft and dayz.

Just a few short days ago it was at it’s 200k funding goal, then surpassed this by 81,000 dollars, now it has gained alot of popularity and is on it’s way to it’s fourth goal, because last night it reached it’s $350,000 mark!… it’s astonishing.

Here is the breakdown from kickstarter:

$350,000 was reached last night and it still has 53 hours left before coming out into alpha, if you pledged $35 or more, you will get this game on the 16th of this month.
Not only is the game become so popular, it’s way more than the developers could of ever have asked for, nearly half of a million dollars!

Not quite sure? check out youtube’s videos and see for yourself.. it looks like a very fun game.