Elder Scrolls Online: GM’s Tackling the bots and gold farmers.

Elder Scrolls Online director Matt Firor revealed during his “state of the game” address that the MMO’s gold spammers and bots are by far the most common customer service complaint about the More »

Steam Windows desktop theme released!

A Steam themed visual style for Windows 7. The visual style incorporates the appearance of Steam with a functioning Windows visual style. The theme comes with 2 substyles – aside from the More »

inFamous: Second Son Will Not Feature Multiplayer

As previously reported on many news websites, Infamous was rumored to have some sort of multiplayer. As confirmed by Brand Development Director, Ken Schramm, in an interview byUDM, while the main protagonist will More »

SimCity finally gets offline mode

EA Maxis is to offer SimCity players an offline mode in an upcoming patch. This will mean users can access the single player mode without an internet connection. Previously this game was released More »

DC Universe Online | War Of The Light DLC.

In War of the Light Part I, lanterns of all colors have lost connection with their emotional spectrum entities. Following cryptic evidence, four Corps – Green, Blue, Sinestro, and Red – converged on Earth More »


H1Z1 – Hit or Miss?

Sony Online Entertainment is making an open world zombie survival game called H1Z1. Yeah, it’s almost a copy of  DayZ . You can’t really blame them though. It’s a genre people are really craving for, as evidence by how well DayZ & Rust have been selling.

Game designer Jimmy Whisenhunt and technical director Tom Schenck from the SOE team took to Twitch recently and showed off 50 minutes of H1Z1. There’s a lot of walking, some driving, axes, zombies, and well nothing all that out of the ordinary.
The first thing you should note though, right off the bat is the fact key features are already in the game, something dayz cannot seem to accomplish ever.

Watch Dogs Story Trailer.

Many doubters have already dubbed Watch Dogs as just another Assassin’s Creed game, and while things I’ve heard point towards a fairly Assassin’s Creed style control system, you won’t be free running or leaping off 100m high ledges – this is a very real and down to earth game mechanic, so there’s no worry here about being too much cross-over. There is, however, a strong focus on stealth when it comes to combat. It’ll be entirely possible to grab a machine gun and paint a building a lovely shade of red, but when there’s the opportunity to sneak in and steal something from right under the noses of the guys who are looking for you… that’s got to be the more satisfying option, surely.

Visit the Official Website: http://watchdogsgame.com
Join Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watchdogsgame

Discover more about the story and characters of Watch_Dogs, available on May 27th.

Arma 2 nearly made it to xbox 360, but Bohemia says no to consoles.



The team apparently tried to port Arma 2 to Xbox 360, but, Bohemia said in a recent interview, “we couldn’t get it right”.
Czech developer Bohemia does have PS4 and Xbox One dev kits, but Arma 3 won’t be adapted for them either.

Project leader Joris-Jan van t’ Land said that:

I personally really like consoles so I would love to see it on there, but for Arma 3, from the start it was developed as PC only, and it wouldn’t do it justice – there wouldn’t be an easy port to console. You’d really have to redesign stuff like how the controls work, and the interface, so for Arma 3 that’s out of the scope. For something that is next, it is becoming much more likely to be multiplatform.
I think it will be something in the franchise [the next game], but we’re not sure what. And the company is growing, as you’ve seen – many new offices – so there are more resources as well to handle multiple things.

This is good news for pc players, as they do suffer alot of “dumbed down” features in recent years, but since Bohemia have no plans for arma at the moment, it could still possibly bring dayz to the consoles, since they already are in talks with sony and ms.

UK PS4 Stock Shortages Allows Xbox One to get ahead in console race.

xbox-one-ps4Despite Sony’s early success in the region, the Xbox One has been outselling its competitor’s machine for four weeks now due to stock shortages.
Microsoft’s recent price cut in conjunction with the launch of Titanfall boosted sales of its next-gen machine by 96 per cent. However, the Japanese giant still remains very much in the lead in the region, and saw its own increase of 72 per cent on the back of new supply last week.

However, A fresh hardware bundle featuring a copy of the exclusive title second son will arrive today, this may boost the sales, but we will have to wait and see.