In a recent interview with a DICE producer Patrick Bach, you can see how he want’s to really get involved with another bad company game, but something is stopping him from saying to much on it.
With a major publisher like EA funding the projects, it’s crucial to make sure that whatever’s being developed is financially sound, and not something that will only satisfy a certain niche.

It is a discussion about niche and mass market, I think,” Bach told OXM. “If you make your product more niche, you’ll get more happy fans, but that audience will be smaller – some people won’t care, some people will love it.

A niche? I don’t think it is, battlefield bad company 2 seemed to be a nice responsive game and was recieved well.
Electronic Arts’ Q4 profits rose in 2011 due to the sales of the game, infact it was at 9m units sold, this is mass market, not niche.

In that year’s fiscal, including digital, FIFA 11 sold in 12 million units; Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sold in over seven million units; and Medal of Honor, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, and Madden NFL 11 each sold in over five million units.
So we might aswell call these niche markets then?

PETER MOORE who is COO on EA’s end promised gamers “we can do better” and listen to our gamers.

It just doesn’t seem to be the case.

Patrick Bach went on to say:

When we did the original Bad Company and the sequel, we got a lot of criticism. ‘Why would I play this? It’s not a serious shooter, I don’t care about this. I want a serious shooter with a more hard-boiled angle.’ And we thought it was fun! We loved it; we thought it was a great game. The narrative was amazing and the characters were amazing.

IT doesn’t mean the series is dead and gone, though. It’ll just have to be delivered with the right marketing at the right time because EA see this franchise as a niche?
Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 had a great story for those who enjoy singleplayer, the multiplayer of bad company 2 i personally played for 2500 hours alone which is nearly as much as i played bf2 in 2005/6.

The menu system for unlocks was quick and easy to get into battle, you didn’t need to select 6 menus to attach a vehicle unlock to your vehicle, you don’t need to worry about all the different perks, it also had a great mechanic behind it, it felt fluid on the controls, it was quick and nimble. Vehicles didn’t feel like an after thought or an add on, to a tacked on infantry game.

The music and sound engine in general was also a great addition to battlefield, the new destruction was just enough without it being a gimmick.
Battlefield Bad Company is not a niche, don’t insult us EA.. what’s wrong with you?