DayZ 2013-12-16 23-22-00-31
Dayz mod uses a dll injected into the A2 server executable, to communicate with a central server via SQL. On the other hand, the Standalone uses a redeveloped dayz executable with reduced data to communicate with a central server via HTTPS
At first you might think it’s a troll, but it isn’t.
The new server rules for official hosting is that you do not get access to edit files, apart from changing server name and the abilty to kick and ban.
Here are the exact details of rockets standalone rules:

General stuff:

  • No private hives.
  • No admin tools. (No revives, no reverts, nothing)
  • No kicking.
  • No banning.
  • No passwording.
  • No whitelisting.
  • Only Windows Server.

Requirements for server hosting:

  • Huge game server providers only. To be eligible, need to provide 300×50-player public instances for 60 days out of own pocket.
  • One public instance per every three rented out.
  • Max of 7×50 player servers on a Xeon E3-1230 (3.2Ghz) Quadcore with 8GB RAM.

If you rent a server you can…

  • Change the server name (within scope, like adding “Hosted by ZOMBIES.NU” at the end)
  • Have a Message of the Day.
  • Control the player limit (within min/max allowed)
  • Choose the region!
  • Start it.
  • Stop it.
  • Restart it!

As you can see in the picture, the mission file has been changed, reports say that the server is running 24/7 daytime, people claim on reddit, it’s full and is indeed not part of the global hive.
The modding has already began, give it a few days, till you are teleported and bombarded with cheats, GG.