downloadYou may have seen this around the internet already, although it sends a clear message that people are upset with how BF4 is at the moment.

A DICE executive producer was kicked from a player run server with reason “FIX THE GAME”, although this is a bit childish really, it also sends a message people are upset.
But it is not his account, and unfortuanatly the internet has ran with it, which makes it seem real.





The account is NOT the DICE Executive. As seen in the official battlelog clan.

In a perfect world DICE would have released BF4 in the summer of next year – completely bug free, with at least a few of the upcoming map packs already included in the game as well as Titan mode, other game modes besides Rush and Conquest, and a fully fleshed out and functioning spectator mode.

The game would have gone down as one of the greatest games to ever be released.